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Mayor tells water officials to resign
Sept. 20, 2013 -- Cagayan de Oro mayor Oscar Moreno has told officials of the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) to resign after the Commission of Audit (COA) accused the agency of committing graft and corruption. [More in Sunstar, Sept. 20, 2013]

Extra-judicial killings continue

Bodies regularly turn up in this "city of golden friendship", and everytime one is discovered, police claim failure to identify the suspects. Most of the victims are poor. This tradition started around 1998 during the administration of former mayor Vicente Emano and continues at present under the watch of mayor Oscar Mayor, who had promised to uphold the law.

Most of the killers have been seen riding on motorcycles and wearing helmets. In July, two helmeted shooters killed alleged robbers in Adela Subdivision. One alleged robber fell on the street and raised his hand, apparently pleading for his life, but a shooter finished him off, witnesses claimed. Police director Graciano Mijares revealed the motorcycle-riding assassins, who took the guns of the alleged robbers, were plain-clothes policemen. [More in Goldstar Daily]