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Oscar Moreno, Rolando "Klarex" Uy, and Rufus Rodriguez. Photo by Robert Acosta.Oscar Moreno, Rolando "Klarex" Uy, and Rufus Rodriguez being interviewed after the May 13, 2013 election.

Representative of District 1: Rolando Uy, Liberal Party
Representative of District 2: Rufus Rodriguez, Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines
Mayor: Oscar Moreno, Liberal Party
Vice Mayor: Ian Acenas, Nacionalista Party

Councilors of District 1:

  1. Candy Darimbang, Liberal Party
  2. Zaldy Ocon, Liberal Party
  3. Roger Abaday, Partidong Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan
  4. Annie Daba, Nacionalista Party
  5. Inday, Dahino, Nacionalista Party
  6. Dante Pajo, Nacionalista Party
  7. Alden Bacal, Nacionalista Party
  8. Addie Barba, Nacionalista Party

Councilors of District 2:

  1. Ramon Tabor, United Nationalist Alliance
  2. Bong Lao, Liberal Party
  3. Nadya Emano, United Nationalist Alliance
  4. Leon Gan, Jr., United Nationalist Alliance
  5. Alex Dacer, United Nationalist Alliance
  6. Eric Salcedo, Liberal Party
  7. Jun Acenas, Independent
  8. President Elipe, United Nationalist Alliance

Source: Green right-pointing arrow, symbol of external website.Commission on Elections

Barangays of District 1: Baikingon, Balulang, Bayabas, Bayanga, Besigan, Bonbon, Bulua, Canitoan, Carmen, Dansolihon, Iponan, Kauswagan, Lumbia, Mambuaya, Pagalungan, Pagatpat, Patag, Pigsag-an, San Simon, Taglimao, Tagpangi Tignapoloan, Tuburan, and Tumpagon

Barangays of District 2: Agusan, Balubal, Bugo, Camaman-an, Consolacion, Cugman, F.S. Catanico, Gusa, Indahag, Lapasan, Macabalan, Macasandig, Nazareth, Puerto, Puntod, Tablon and all Poblacion Barangays 1 to 40.

The Illegal City Hall Seal
Seal of City Hall Vicente Y. Emano became mayor of Cagayan de Oro in 1998. Shortly thereafter, he organized a City Hall seal contest. None of the entries was declared a winner. Instead, Emano made his own seal.

On January 5, 2012, Dr. Antonio J. Montalvan II wrote in Facebook: "To begin with, it was wrong for him to re-design the city seal. By law, only the National Historical Commission of the Philippines has the authority to design official government seals. The NHCP has a special division for that, the Heraldry Section. I was a member of the City Historical Commission when he undertook the change. I was against it. Your narration is correct: he discarded all entries and made his own design. That is the city seal that he now uses. It is, at best, an illegal seal."Black box. Symbol of end of article.
Most Respected Mayor

Statue of Justiniano R. BorjaJustiniano R. Borja is the most admired and respected mayor of Cagayan de Oro. A graduate of Silliman University, Borja started his government service in 1954. He was responsible for the phenomenal growth of the city since 1959, when he opened the Cogon Market. A statue built in his honor stands at the Golden Friendship Park, made by National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon V. Abueva.

Historian and anthropologist Dr. Antonio J. Montalvan II wrote that Borja was called the Arsenio Lacson of Cagayan de Oro because "he was, above all, no-nonsense. He ruled without fear or favor. He had political will. Most importantly, he remained simple and would walk to and from his office without any bodyguards. His funeral cortege, which I personally witnessed, was attended by legions of Cagay-anons, many of whom openly wept at the sight of his bier which was placed atop a decorated float. Shops and establishments were closed for business at their own behest." [See photo inFacebook.]

Montalvan adds: "Borja is the only city mayor who has been given multiple honors, proof of how much he was loved by the city that he served so well. There is JR Borja St., JR Borja Memorial City Hospital, and the statue. He was the only city mayor of Cagayan de Oro given a doctorate degree honoris causa in public administration by Xavier University ... Many male babies were named Justiniano, complete with the nickname of Tiñing ... Raf Benaldo, who served as undersecretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), once told me that Tiñing Borja has become the benchmark for the city's public servants, a fact that, sadly, no one has capably equaled."Black box. Symbol of end of article.


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Revised on July 8, 2013